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We maintain privileged relations with our clients and all of the players in the Swiss real estate market.

Thanks to our expertise and a uniquely human touch, Weibel & Loeb Real Estate is the partner you need to sell your luxury house or apartment.

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Slider Weibel & Loeb Real Estate

Marketing 2.0

We use a range of cutting-edge technology to showcase your luxury home in its best possible light: 3D visits with real immersion, professional and aerial drone photos, virtual home staging and renovation. We’ll recommend the best strategy to help you sell your property, with a global approach to marketing which works on a local, national and international level.

An in-depth understanding of the Swiss real estate market

With more than a hundred transactions across Nyon, Terre Sainte, and all the way to La Côte, our teams have a firm grip on the all subtleties of the high-end Swiss residential property market.

A unique, highly segmented market with many micro-markets within it, Swiss real estate demands a close working relationship with a host of technical, legal, financial and asset-management experts.

Historique de nos ventes

What sets us apart is how we perceive the value of a property, and our belief that no two houses on the market are comparable. On top of the transaction history and the land price, we factor in a number of other important variables:

The location, the view, the orientation, the natural light, the fixtures and fittings, and more. Disadvantages for some people will be positive attributes for others, so our goal is simple: showcase the property and let somebody fall in love with it.

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A personal touch and a positive approach are a hallmark of our firm. Selling your family home means turning a new page in your life, so our teams are on-hand to help and listen whenever you need us.

We will stay by your side to protect your interests, and can also support your representatives, lawyers, and family offices.

Promoting your home as the ideal rental property
To create real added value when you sell your home, we’ll guide you through the furnishing, decoration, or transformation of your property. This service is included in our package, and includes support from an architectural firm.

Strategy and advice, helping you develop
and manage your real estate assets

We’ll help you with your high-end apartment or luxury villa procurement projects, ensuring your investment and financial plans stay on track. We’ll also help you optimise your real estate assets.

Visites 3D (matterport) avec immersion réelle.

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Reportage photos et vidéo vue aérienne avec un drône

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